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Korg Kronos Third Party Sound Sets/Sound Libraries/Synth Presets/Synthesizer Sounds for the Korg Kronos in PCG and Professional License.

HD1 Synth Engine Sound Library pre-produced by VITA.

These 128 new Third Party Korg Kronos Preset Sounds in PCG and Professional License are great for new synthesizer bass sounds not already included on the Korg Kronos, and the fantastic new sound library pushes the Korg Kronos to extremes and to it's limits. The sounds demonstrate the powerful capabilities of the Korg Kronos HD1 synth engine.

Perfect for House, Breakbeat, Trance, Drum & Bass and Pop music!

The new Preset Sounds include fat and punchy Synth Bass sounds and are great for audio/sound, music and all kinds of pre-production and if you are looking for that special unique or original sound for your next music release or hit record then this new HD1 Synth Engine sound library will help you.

"Finally I got time to check your sounds. Some of them are really nice. I like the ones with the LFO sounds (like VITA SYNTH BASS 059) and the one with the higher notes above it, like VITA SYNTH BASS 071. People who are using bass sounds will have many more sounds to choose from than the factory patches. Also the wave sequences are a nice addition." - Michel Keijzers (PCG TOOLS)

Please read the following:

This sound library is aimed at users of the Korg Kronos synthesizer and who play the synthesizer at public performances and who are working in music or sound production and is absolutely perfect for Electronic Dance Music/Electronica with new fanstastic classic and extreme synth bass preset sounds. Included in the download is your professional license to use the new preset sounds.

Purchasing a professional license enables you to use any of the sounds in the library royalty free for use on pre production on TV, Film, Radio, Soundtracks, Gaming and all types of Multi-media. Buying a license will give you instant access to all 128 new preset sounds included in this extensive library in PCG.

All the sound sets are unique and specially designed and crafted by "VITA" (Record Producer/DJ: Mark Harrison) who has had lots of previous experience programming other extremely versatile Korg synthesizers and making dance records in the early noughties. The new VITA sounds released for the Korg Kronos are truly amazing and included in the price is a special end user license which is exclusive to you. The sound library in pcg are for users who seek a whole new library of synthesizer bass preset sounds which aren't included in factory installation.

To buy these sound libraries and a professional license from our website, which allows you to use the new exclusive sound sets from Synthsounds.co.uk, please click on add to cart above this description and proceed to the checkout and then download the Korg Kronos Vita Synth Bass HD1 Sound Library and documentation, which includes your special license to use the 128 new preset sounds in all applications.

Once, the sound library and professional license is purchased, the retailer, Uplifted Music & Media Portal Online Store will notify Synthsounds.co.uk and the issue of your professional license will be registered with the Uplifted Music & Media Portal Online Store and Synthsounds.co.uk.

In order to register your license you will be required to submit your full name, address, post code and email address for registration purposes and for any software updates for the Korg Kronos Vita Synth Bass HD1 Sound Library in the future, at the checkout.

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