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Welcome to the Uplifted Music Portal. We are the first of it’s generation and we are leading the way and pioneering music for the 21st Century and future generations! We are an all in one solution provider to independent artists and bands.

Uplifted Music is an Independent Artist Management Company, Record Label, Music Distributor and Retailer. We deliver music releases from artists straight to the fans and DJ’s! We are based in Manchester, UK and we are home to some of the finest underground electronic dance music artist’s in the British music scene including Mark Wheawill.

The great thing about Uplifted Music is that all the artist’s we represent keep 100% of their rights and it is run by the artist’s. Also, we recognised the needs of the fans and rather than go through numerous middlemen to get their music releases to the fans, we deliver them direct without all the added expense. We prefer a more direct approach and relationship with the artist and their fans.

Our website features information about artist’s who we represent and news about their forthcoming gigs and new music releases which have been released on our Record Label – Uplifted Music and which are available to download in mp3 format from our Music Portal.

We also provide an exclusive DJ Promo Pool Service for Radio and Club DJ’s by supplying upfront promo’s of music releases by artists on our Music Portal before their official release date. You can also buy, order and pre-order physical products such as WAV (24 Bit) Format on USB Flash Drives, Vinyl Records, Vinyl Promo Dubplates and other merchandise exclusively and direct from our Online Shop.

Uplifted Music is also a Music Publishing Company and our Artist Management Company look after our carefully selected roster of artist’s by marketing them, promoting them and plugging their music releases and we also provide an in-house Digital Mastering and Music Distribution Service.

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